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Our Administartion Policy:
The first and foremost goal of the staff on Heart of the Wyld MUSH is to create an enviornment where the players can have fun roleplaying with one another. To that end, the following staff guidelines have been established:

It is our policy at Heart of the Wyld MUSH that staff abide by all rules set down for players. Staff go through the same application process (and, if anything, are held to higher standards than the rest of the playerbase, since a staff character should be setting an example for new players) and act under the same restrictions as to types and number of characters. The PC who is a wiz-alt doesn't get anything special that the PC of a non-wizard couldn't also get. Permanent NPCs, such as the sept elders, are the property of staff as a whole, and thus can be played by any wizard -- they will never be treated as a specific wizard's PC.

Further, Heart of the Wyld MUSH is a game that is set up by players, for players. All wizards who are involved with approving applications or running stories must maintain at least one active PC. The people that are making decisions that affect the game as a whole should also be impacted by those decisions. We also hope that by remaining active as PCs, it helps to maintain staff awareness of player concerns, and will lessen or eliminate the 'us and them' mentality that can develop between staff and players.
(From +news Staff)

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